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NFS kickstart installation

Installing Linux includes several steps. Installation will take some time depending on the number of packages you have selected. If you installing Linux to a single machine, then it’s no big deal. But if you have to perform installation on several machines, then the process is cumbersome.

So the solution is to have a installation server. We discuss in a previous post the setup steps involves in a NFS , FTP installation server. There you boot from a installation media and select installation method, then installation will start. But still need to go through all the installation steps. So in order to make life easy we can make the installation automated by the use of kickstart installation provided by RHEL/CentOS.

To start with kickstart. Invoke “system-config-kickstart” (shell) OR Applications->System Tools->Kickstart
If don’t have kickstart already installed, get it installed.

  • yum -y install system-config-kickstart

Fill all the necessary fields. Save the changes. Place it some where with in the reach of NFS. Let’s say, /var/ftp/pub/ks.cfg
/var/ftp/pub/ -> should be a exported file system by now.

  • showmount -e hostname -> will list the nfs shares of hostname.

Now you ready to start the installation. Boot the system from the boot DVD/CD. In the boot prompt, type :-

  • boot:linux ks=nfs:

Press Enter.System should get on with the installation.  CHEERS 🙂

NOTE :- IP addresses used here are belong to IPV4 private ranges.Replace it with your’s.

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